22 Feb 2018

Iowa Night Lights

Lighting can set the perfect mood, but are there other advantages to having lighting added onto my outdoor area? Of course! Natural Impressions encourages lighting to illuminate tall trees or achieve dramatic effects on shrubbery, gardens and planted areas.

Low-voltage outdoor lighting is usually used for illuminating pathways, steps, driveways, around pools, patios and anywhere you want to highlight or accentuate. Advantages of outdoor lighting include are outlined below:

  • Enjoy your Des Moines area backyard anytime because landscape lighting makes outdoor spaces inviting long after the sun has gone down. The beauty of flowers and landscape plantings can be enjoyed in the dark hours after a busy at work.
  • Outdoor lighting is a proven way to protect your property from criminals. Well lit landscapes are a deterrent to prowlers, protecting both the property and its occupants providing your family with a more secure Iowa home.
  • The careful illumination of decks, steps, walkways, and other areas will allow you to move safely from area to area without blinding glare or dark shadows.
  • With today’s custom designed fixtures and state-of-the art lamps, Natural Impressions can add dramatic lighting effects in the simplest of residential or commercial landscapes. Because the fixtures are easily concealed in the landscape, they enhance rather than detract from the surroundings.
  • Natural Impressions landscape lighting system is an investment in your property that will enhance it and improve your home’s curb appeal.┬áThe average home owner in Iowa moves approximately every seven years so upkeep to the property is essential in today’s trying housing market.